The Project

About the project

Charlie Haughey is a retired carpenter living in Portland, OR, who served in Vietnam with the Army 25th Infantry division. Between 1968 and 1969, he shot nearly 2,000 photographs. After returning home, Charlie boxed up the negatives (of which he had only printed and seen about 10%), where they stayed for over four decades. In 2012, Charlie began working with his friend Kris Regentin to digitize and catalog the negative collection.

In the spring of 2013, a group of volunteer photographers and designers from Portland put together a show of 28 of Charlie’s never before seen photographs. The response to the photo show and the unearthing of the images was massive, and Charlie, Kris, and the volunteer team immediately began working on a book.

The success of the photo project and the reach that press has provided has put Charlie in touch with surviving veterans from his unit, and Charlie has even met with several of his photo subjects, 45 years after shooting the photo. We hope that the publication of this book will assist us in getting in touch with more members of Charlie’s unit, and will allow us to identify more of the unidentified faces in the images.

Link to the Tumblr site from the early days of the project: