A Weather Walked In

Rediscovered images from the Vietnam War


Charlie Haughey's photo collection is an intimate and personal look at what life was like for the men serving in the 25th Infantry division in the Vietnam War. But the photos don’t just encompass the men serving in the Army with Charlie. Charlie is a naturally gifted storyteller and photographer, and he captured Vietnamese civilians in candid moments of beauty, as well. Charlie photographed what he referred to as “the life side of the war, not the death side of it.” His photo collection is a rich document full of historical importance and artistic beauty.


Printed Book

A book of rare Vietnam War photographs from Charlie Haughey, a rifleman with the Army 25th Infantry Division. This previously-unseen photo collection lay dormant in storage for nearly 45 years before being discovered in 2012. The intimate and beautiful collection of photos showcase what the photographer called "the life side of the war, not the death side of it."

Digital Book

The e-book version of A Weather Walked In features 155 of Charlie's photographs, along with intimate audio commentary from Charlie, providing background and insight into the photographs.

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Portland Art Museum

Charlie speaking at the Portland Art Museum about his Vietnam War photo collection, October 19th, 2016.