The project surrounding restoring, preserving, scanning, printing, retouching, publishing, and showing Charlie Haughey's image collection has been staffed and run by volunteers from day one. All of the work is done by professionals who work only out of friendship with Charlie, and passion for the image collection and its preservation.

Kris Regentin

Charles Haughey

Strategy consultant

Kelley Roy

Strategy consultant |

Zeb Andrews

Head film photography consultant |

Peter Carlson

Silver gelatin printing and image retouching

Phillip Stewart

iOS book designer |

Clifton Burt

Print book designer

Jody Ake

Strategy consultant

James Luce

Strategy consultant

Ethan Furniss

Image retouching |

Rebecca Ranta

Operations intern

Tony West

Image retoucher

Zack Krahmer

Image retoucher |

Tim Roth

Image retoucher

Lindsay Gilbert

Image retoucher

Zach Yarrington

Graphic design |